The Salento

A fascinating journey along the Salento's coasts between low cliffs and white beaches bathed by a turquoise sea, a landscape full of light and color and a blue sky that astonish everybody who comes here. And then the monumental wealth: the ports (Otranto, the white Leuca, Gallipoli), where the first and the oldest population landed from Ilyria and Greece, and from where legions of soldiers and pilgrims left for the Est to the conquest of distant lands: and towers, walls and castles, where local people took refuge in an effort to esape the pirate assaults.

Here you can find fishes caught in local waters, and the best dishes of the Mediterranean diet. For those who prefer to jump between nature through capaigns already behind our estate, rich in olive trees, pine and eucalyptus, as well as oaks, will walk streets riding a mountain bike or for lovers of trekking on foot.

For those who love fun and enjoy Lecce during the night, he only has to decide between the many small and large nightclubs in the city center. Lecce emblem of Baroque South must be visited, the Basilica of Santa Croce and its Palazzi that between seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the powerful religious orders and moneyed families of Lecce, had built in the city. Alongside the baroque monuments, you can obviously see the important Castle of Charles V, Palazzo Adorno, the seat and the Roman amphitheater, and the column of St. Horace in the square.

For those who love to just swim, relax on the shore and sunbathe, will find more than enough space to sunbathe and go back to town with a tan.
Torre Bear has a large inlet between high cliffs to the south and north. Behind the beach, high dunes covered with a very low scrub and pine forest, at south of the so-called "two sisters".
Sant'Andrea another natural bay not very wide, with old caves. It has a high beacon once of great help to mariners.
Alimini Lakes are the only true coastal lakes in Puglia, with those of Lesina and Varano Gargano, communicating with the sea. The area 'richly wooded with dense and low evergreen vegetation. The whole area is a resting place for migratory birds. For lovers of sport and adventure here you can go horse riding, with quad, biking and canoeing on the lake or have fun with the many water sports on the beach. The products of the earth that are proposed on the edge of the province are excellent. Otranto sinks its origin in ancient times. Located along the coast of eastern Italy, its harbor saw the arrival of the first people who gave life to Messapia.
Leaving the town, towards Santa Cesarea, you meet the so-called Hill of Minerva, where the inhabitants of Otranto were decapitated in 1480 and where now stands the church of Santa Maria of the Martyrs or of San Francesco di Paola.

Porto Badisco the place where according to Virgil in the Aeneid landing 'Aeneas, this place is impressive for the caves that open on the walls with amazing Neolithic graffiti kept in the Deer Cave. Here you can enjoy in addition to the beautiful sea. Santa Cesarea Terme like Otranto give a sense of the East, the sea is very deep and swimmers should use the plants dug through solid rock. There are the spa of town known for the treatment of certain skin diseases and respiratory tract, thanks to its waters that emanate from four caves at a temperature of 34c.

Proceeding towards Castro we can meet Porto Miggiano a lovely harbor. Here you can visit visit the Cave of Zinzulusa. Castro has origins dating back to the dawn of time. The upper part of Castro are to visit the Romanesque church, and the sixteenth-century castle. Here fishmongers well supplied and restaurants always offer the best quality products. The water is very fresh and transparent thanks to the freshwater springs that flow from underground.
From here other inlets, fjords and caves will accompany you till Santa Maria di Leuca.

Obviously these are just some of the beautiful places that Salento can offer.